Presentation of the X-KEY TERMINATOR key profile milling machine

Description of functions and components of the milling machine


Precise key making:

  • thickness up to 4.5mm
  • working part length up to 36mm
    (including long 7-point spanner)
  • Automatic recognition of machining options for cut and dimple keys

Fast and accurate scanning of the key profile in about 3 minutes (depending on thickness and profile type).

Fully automatic process for both surfaces of the key.


Universal clamping of original keys with additional adjustment for non-standard keys.

Powerful LED illumination of the work area makes it easier to attach the original and operate the cutter.


Ergonomic control panel in three languages (English, German, Polish) with touch switches.

Intuitive control program informing what to do step by step.

Acoustic signalling of operations being carried out.


Advanced software algorithms support the process of making precise copies, including

  • correction of measurement errors
  • groove countersinking function for the most demanding key profiles
  • automatic calibration after a milling cutter change
  • optimisation of the milling process

Durable and reliable microcontroller-controlled milling unit:

  • automatic detection of raw material thickness and key position in the vice
  • top quality, powerful and fast stepper motors
  • electro-spindle 70W 7200 rpm
  • average milling time for the key profile about 10 minutes (depending on the thickness and type of key)

Operational safety is ensured, among other things, by

  • safety sensors
  • emergency stop switch
  • branded 24V power supply unit with a number of protections
  • transparent milling field cover

When purchasing, you can choose the colour version of the machine to match the arrangement of your company.

Available colour versions: classic grey and modern black.

x-key opis zdjecia v3

The X-KEY Neo PC software extends the functionality of the milling machine with options for visualising, reading, writing and editing the key profile.


Warranty: 24 months with paid servicing every 500 copies.

During the warranty period, the milling machine software is updated free of charge, with the exception of changes that significantly increase the functioning of the machine.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions:
    345 x 265 x 255 mm (width x depth x height) 
  • Weight: 
    machine: 15 kg, machine with packaging and accessories: 25 kg
  • Power supply:
    24 V DC / 5 A switching power supply
  • Power and speed of electro-spindle:
    70 W / 7200 RPM
  • Milling cutter:
    20 x 0.3 mm (diameter x thickness) 
  • Package contents:
    machine, power supply, power cable, USB cable, X-KEY Neo dongle, memory stick, basic operating tools, spare cutter, 25 raw keys, attachment for thick raw keys
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